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In order to celebrate the TV Anime production that ends this month, and as requested by some people, we’ve decided to hold another #KoutabaWeek event! The date of this week will be from October 20th until October 26th. This is the list of the new prompts:

  • Day 1: Sniff [Oct 20th]
  • Day 2: Hero [Oct 21st]
  • Day 3: Pair of Idiots [Oct 22nd]
  • Day 4: Kiss [Oct 23rd]
  • Day 5: Teasing [Oct 24th]
  • Day 6: Costume [Oct 25th]
  • Day 7: Comfort [Oct 26th]

Remember that anything is accepted as long as you make it! Graphics, fanfics, fanmixes, fanart, videos, whatever you want! All you have to do is tag your work as #koutabaweek or submit it directly to the KoutabaWeek blog. Also, please don’t bash any of the other characters, since our only purpose is to, once again, spread the love for our dear couple.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. Have fun and enjoy this week!

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